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Changshu Pingfang Wheelchair Co., Ltd is located in Changshu, Jiangsu province. It is on the Yangtze River Delta where is famous for its beautiful scenery, fast growing economy and convenient transport. Jiangsu Pingfang Group established in 1984, covering more than 53,000 square meters with 500 staffs. Pingfang always has a good reputation by advocating the idea surviving on high quality and customer-centered thinking. During 26 years' journey, Changshu Pingfang Mechanical Hardware Co., Ltd, Suzhou Pingfang Industrial Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Metalline Import & Export Co., Ltd had been set up in succession. And now Changshu P...
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My donation was good
I donated wheelchair from time to time and this time I donate a wheelchair to the elderly home in the community. I went to the website of TopWheelChair which is one of the most famous wheelchair manufacturers in china and saw different types of wheelchairs they had and chose the most suitable one. It was automatic and with high quality material, the patron of the elderly home was very pleased with this donation and told me this would make a big use.
Marcus North

My gift to grandmother
My grandmother's 90th birthday was coming and I couldn't find a better power wheelchair to replace her old one. I had heard TopWheelChair, a excellent power wheelchair manufacturer from a friend and went to their website to check their collection of wheelchairs, I found a very suitable one for my grandmother and ordered it, when my grandmother saw the present she was so happy with my gift and thanked me a lot.
Peter Stuart

Wheelchair manufacturer for our maid
Our maid was run over by a drunk driver recently. She was too impoverished to afford a wheelchair from expensive electric wheelchair manufacturers and there is no one to company her, she was alone and unable to move around. As a gentle gesture, my mother and I decided to present her a wheelchair. So I started surf the website and checked their section where they had listed different varieties, we ordered a suitable one and our maid can spend her life in wheelchair now. It brought much convenience to her life.
Marta Stuart

Best wheelchairs manufacturers for elderly people
I used to buy a wheelchair for grandfather as the old one was getting rusty and problematic. My sister told me that she and her friends had bought a wheelchair for one of their professors from TopWheerChair which is one of the most reliable wheelchair manufacturers and I logged on their web site to check the wheelchair section. There are a lot of good stuff and I bought the favorite one. I ordered it and now my grandfather has a new wheelchair to move around.
Steven Fin

Press Release Update:Perspective of Medical Devices for Senior Citizens